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Best USB TV Tuner For Mac In 2017? New EyeTV U6 From Geniatech

OSX Compatible USB TV Tuner
Back from the dead: That's the best way to describe the Mac compatible USB TV tuner market since ElGato stopped producing their world-class line of HDTV tuning peripherals and handed EyeTV DVR software support off to Geniatech. Recently Geniatech released a new USB ATSC TV tuner stick for Mac for receiving and recording OTA - Over The Air HD television with an antenna.

*NEW* EyeTV U6 OSX Compatible TV Tuner

HD Antenna Reception And Recording

USB Television Tuner For MacOS

About the size of a USB flash drive, the EyeTV U6 works for North American ATSC digital TV channels with the indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna of your choice. We recommend an *amplified* HDTV antenna to assure the strongest television signal. Amplification typically helps whether you live in an urban area - and especially if you're rural or living on the fringe of reception.

Apple Compatible DVR App For Mac

The EyeTV software that's bundled with the Apple compatible USB TV tuner stick for Mac recommends MacOS 10.6.8 or later. And of course if you intend to DVR and record a lot of content, a large amount of disk space is recommended. For MacBooks and Mac's with small internal SSD drives, you may want or need a high-capacity external USB or ThunderBolt backup drive to store your scheduled recordings and DVR content.

EyeTV U6 Tech Specs

You can learn more about the features and specs of the the Mac compatible U6 Genitech EyeTV tuner and EyeTV 3 software for MacOS at their USA website.

Geniatec Takes Over ElGato EyeTV Software Download And Support

Mac TV Tuners From Geniatech
Apple users wanting to capture, record, edit or export TV programming on their Mac face a challenging market. With market-leader ElGato exiting the TV tuner hardware market completely, there's few options available. Most of the 3rd-party HDTV tuning product vendors let their already weak Mac support lapse as methods of acquiring TV content shifted on the Apple platform.

Fortunately, EyeTV software for Mac OSX is still available. A company Geniatech has taken over software support functions for the EyeTV app. Version 3.x of EyetV recommends OSX 10.6 or higher - and currently retails as a stand-alone app for around $89. It seems software development continues as various recent builds of EyeTV v3.6.x support Mac OSX ElCapitan and MacOS Sierra.

Some 3rd-party Mac tuners came bundled with v2 EyeTV LITE - But the Lite version only works on OSX 10.8 and below and is incompatible with newer versions of MacOS.

For those hardcore Macintosh users still hellbent on watching and recording TV -- Geniatech's U6 USB HD tuner, or Silicon Dust's network connected HomeRunHD TV tuner Connect, Extend and Prime model boxes are probably the best remaining choice for Apple computer users.

A limited number of other Mac compatible TV tuners that work with EyeTV still exist, either as cross-platform devices that are still sold for the Windows market, as used or refurb devices on Amazon or eBay. As mentioned elsewhere on this site: USB TV tuner sticks that had both MacOS and WinOS cross-platform support can still be found - most notably I'd recommend select model #'s from Hauppauge (950Q) and Pinnacle PCTV (80e) tuners mentioned in this post that will work with ATSC/QAM signals and EyeTV v3.

Amplified USB Mac TV Antennas For HDTV Tuner Devices

Shopping for an amplified USB-powered HDTV antenna for your Mac compatible TV tuner setup? Below is one of many flat-panel 'leaf' style antenna's available that includes a USB-powered antenna with amplifier module that can either use one of the ports on your MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop computer, or a port on a powered USB hub. Some amplified antennas include an AC USB charging plug to provide the needed 5 volts of power.

Flat Panel HDTV Tuner Indoor Antenna

With USB-Powered Antenna Amplifier Module

Rigid Indoor/Outdoor USB HDTV Antenna

With USB AC Adapter And Mounting Hardware

If you're using Geniatech's EyeTV software for Mac OS with your USB TV Stick or Network Tuner Box - there's a diagnostic pane that can show TV signal strength in real time and be useful for positioning your antenna optimally. You can also visit AntennaDirect's transmission tower locator to find the right direction and longitudes for your closest television broadcasting towers.

Note: The use of the antenna amplifier may be optional. It may be worth testing both with and without signal boosting to see if there's noticable signal improvement or not. Sometimes amplification can 'overdrive' and degrade an otherwise acceptable, high-quality signal -- particularly if you're close-in to an urban area with nearby transmission towers and stations that are easy to pick up.

Mac Compatible TV Tuners For EyeTV 3 Software

Eye TV 3 Software For Mac OS X
Wondering which TV tuner peripherals work with Mac OSX and ElGato/Geniatech's EyeTV 3 app? Here’s a quick and dirty list of USB, FireWire and Ethernet compatible computer TV tuners supported by ElGato’s EyeTV version 3.x DVR software for MacOS. The vast majority of these sticks and boxes have been discontinued, but may still be available used or refurb on Amazon or eBay. Also note: Some of these tuners listed are NOT for USA / North American TV signal standards, some are for European and other international television signal standards that are not compatible with those used in America.

EyeTV U6 ATSC Tuner

ElGato: EyeTV Hybrid (2010 model), EyeTV 200, EyeTV 250, EyeTV 250 Plus, EyeTV 300/310, EyeTV 400/410, EyeTV 500, EyeTV 610, EyeTV Diversity, EyeTV EZ, EyeTV for DTT (Cinergy T2), EyeTV for DTT (Stick) , EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0, EyeTV One.

For a time, ElGato Boxed and rebranded the HD HomeRun Connect from Silicon Dust in ElGato packaging.

Hauppague: WinTV-HVR-900, WinTV-HVR-950, WinTV-Nova-T Stick, WinTV-Nova-TD Stick, WinTV-HVR-950Q, HD PVR, FireDTV S2, FireDTV T/CI, FireDTV C/CI, LDT-1S302U.

Miglia: Evolution TV, TVBook Pro, TVDuo, TVMax, TVMicro, TVMini, TVMini HD.

ATI: TV Wonder USB 2 TV for Mac.

Pinnacle: DVB-T Stick (70e), TV for Mac HD Stick (800e), TV for Mac Hybrid Stick (330e), PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick, PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (330e), PCTV USB Stick PCTV HD Pro Stick (800e), PCTV Diversity Stick (2001e), TV for Mac DVB-T Stick (72e), PCTV nanoStick (73e), PCTV for Mac (80eM bundled with EyeTV Lite), or if you purchased EyeTV software separately: PCTV HD mini stick (80e).

Plextor: PX-402U.

SiliconDust: HDHomeRun Connect, the improved HD HomeRun Extend (with H.264 compression). For Cable TV users, the HD HomeRun Prime (North America).

Terratec: Cinergy 400/450, Cinergy 800/850, Cinergy T2, Cinergy Hybrid T XS, XE Cinergy T, USB XXS Cinergy DT, USB XS Diversity Cinergy T, Express Cinergy Piranha Cinergy S, USB Cinergy Hybrid T, USB XS FM Cinergy HTC, USB XS HD DTV.

ElGato EyeTV Software Activation Key Code Serial Numbers

Serial Number Code For EyeTV Software

Valid V3 EyeTV Software Activation Code

Looking for a valid software activation key for EyeTV v3 software? You may have a Mac compatible HD TV tuner that's functional but needs a working activation code for EyeTV software for Mac OSX 10.6.8 or later to be usable. You can get the recent version of EyeTV v3.x software through this link that comes with a valid serial number working code to activate the EyeTV app.

EyeTV Lite Software Activation Code

EyeTV Lite was a very usable, slightly stripped-down version of EyeTV software v2 that shipped with some 3rd-party USB TV tuner sticks for MacOS back in the G3/G4/G5 PPC PowerPC CPU era. The software key activation code for EyeTV Light is only usable on older Macs - and not modern Intel based Mac systems which can no longer execute PPC code.