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Best USB TV Tuner For Mac In 2017? New EyeTV U6 From Geniatech

OSX Compatible USB TV Tuner
Back from the dead: That's the best way to describe the Mac compatible USB TV tuner market since ElGato stopped producing their world-class line of HDTV tuning peripherals and handed EyeTV DVR software support off to Geniatech. Recently Geniatech released a new USB ATSC TV tuner stick for Mac for receiving and recording OTA - Over The Air HD television with an antenna.

*NEW* EyeTV U6 OSX Compatible TV Tuner

HD Antenna Reception And Recording

The size of a USB flash drive, the EyeTV U6 works for North American ATSC digital TV channels with the indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna of your choice. We recommend an *amplified* HDTV antenna to assure the strongest television signal. Amplification typically helps whether you live in an urban area - and especially if you're rural or living on the fringe of reception.

EyeTV software that's bundled with the Apple compatible USB TV tuner stick for Mac recommends MacOS 10.6.8 or later. And of course if you intend to DVR and record a lot of content, a large amount of disk space is recommended. For MacBooks and Mac's with small internal SSD drives, you may want or need a high-capacity external USB or ThunderBolt backup drive to store your scheduled recordings and DVR content.

You can learn more about the features and specs of the the Mac compatible U6 Genitech EyeTV tuner and EyeTV 3 software for MacOS at their website.

Geniatec Takes Over ElGato EyeTV Software Download And Support

Apple users wanting to capture, record, edit or export TV programming on their Mac face a challenging market. With market-leader ElGato exiting the TV tuner hardware market, there's few options available.

Fortunately, EyeTV software for Mac OSX is still available. A company Geniatec has taken over software support functions for the EyeTV app. Version 3.x of EyetV recomends OSX 10.6 or higher. In my experience, older versions of EyeTV and it's Lite version haven't 'broken' as Apple has updated MacOS.

For those hardcore Macintosh users still hellbent on watching and recording TV -- Geniatech's U6 USB HD tuner, or Silicon Dust's network connected HomeRunHD TV tuner Connect, Extend and Prime model boxes are probably the best remaining choice for Apple computer users.

A limited number of other Mac compatible TV tuners that work with EyeTV still exist, either as cross-platform devices that are still sold for the Windows market, as used or refurb devices on Amazon or eBay. As mentioned elsewhere on this site: USB TV tuner sticks that had both MacOS and WinOS support can still be found.

Compatible TV Tuners For EyeTV 3 Software

Eye TV 3 Software For Mac OS X
Here’s a quick and dirty list of USB, FireWire and Ethernet compatible computer TV tuners supported by ElGato’s EyeTV version 3.x DVR software for MacOS:

ElGato EyeTV USB, EyeTV 200, EyeTV 250, EyeTV 250 Plus, EyeTV 300/310, EyeTV 400/410, EyeTV 500, EyeTV 610, EyeTV Diversity, EyeTV EZ, EyeTV for DTT (Cinergy T2), EyeTV for DTT (Stick) , EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0, EyeTV Hybrid, HD HomeRun, Extend and Prime (North America).

Hauppague WinTV-HVR-900, WinTV-HVR-950, WinTV-Nova-T Stick, WinTV-Nova-TD Stick, WinTV-HVR-950Q, HD PVR, FireDTV S2, FireDTV T/CI, FireDTV C/CI, LDT-1S302U.

Miglia Evolution TV, TVBook Pro, TVDuo, TVMax, TVMicro, TVMini, TVMini HD.

ATI TV Wonder USB 2 TV for Mac.

Pinnacle DVB-T Stick (70e), TV for Mac HD Stick (800e), TV for Mac Hybrid Stick (330e), PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick, PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (330e), PCTV USB Stick PCTV HD Pro Stick (800e), PCTV Diversity Stick (2001e), TV for Mac DVB-T Stick (72e), PCTV nanoStick (73e), TV for Mac HD mini stick (80e),

Plextor PX-402U.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun (North America).

Terratec Cinergy 400/450, Cinergy 800/850, Cinergy T2, Cinergy Hybrid T XS, XE Cinergy T, USB XXS Cinergy DT, USB XS Diversity Cinergy T, Express Cinergy Piranha Cinergy S, USB Cinergy Hybrid T, USB XS FM Cinergy HTC, USB XS HD DTV.

ElGato Abandons Mac USB TV Tuner Market : Discontinues EyeTV Hybrid

No ElGato TV Tuner For Mac
Sadly, the leading maker of USB TV tuner sticks for Mac has seemingly exited the Mac tv tuner hardware market by recently discontinuing it's USB tuner hardware which includes both the #1 selling tuner the EyeTV Hybrid and the ATSC HD antenna reception only model the EyeTV One.

USB TV tuner hardware is what made ElGato the company that it is. Imagine Campbell's decided to stop selling Tomato Soup, or Kimberly-Clark stopped selling Kleenex Tissues -- and you have ElGato and their current mish-mash of remaining products. At least the EyeTV v3.6.2 software is compatible with OSX Mavericks 10.9 and still available for the many 3rd party tuners it supports. But without the cash-cow of it's best selling product driving revenues -- it's questionable how long EyeTV app can remain relevant.

If you still receive Digital Clear QAM cable channels from your provider - or get HD TV over an antenna - the Pinnacle TV Tuner for Mac bundled with EyeTV Lite is still generally available as an alternative.

Arguably, the market for Apple compatible USB TV tuners and the ability to capture, watch, record and export TV shows and movies has changed radically as more streaming, stolen, and pay-per content models have taken hold. The shift of Apple's world more towards handheld mobile iPad and iPhone has made the now secondary Macintosh desktop and MacBook laptop market pale in comparison. And the overall trend towards an All-Digital world is leaving the need Analog video capture on the wane as well.

The time's they ARE a changing. Still, it's hard to believe ElGato's given up on the OSX tuner market. You'd think they'd keep making the EyeTV hybrid 'till the market completely vanished (which, judging by search traffic I see for Mac compatible TV tuners certainly has NOT...) But unless ElGato has some next-generation USB 3.0 TV tuner stick up their sleeve and still in the works, it seems they're moving on.

Watch TV On A Mac - EyeTV Product Line Nails It

2010 EyeTV Models For Macintosh
In 2012, ElGato has the strongest lineup ever of Mac compatible HD TV tuner products for a Macintosh owners every need:

A recently introduced EyeTV ONE strictly for antenna users receiving ATSC Digital over the air signals. It’s a bit of a one-trick pony, but for many it’s a simple way to schedule, watch, record, and export TV on your Mac.

A revised and slimmed-down EyeTV Hybrid for both ATSC-QAM HD Digital with SD Analog capture functions. This best-selling TV tuner for Mac is the right choice for most Apple users interested in either Digital or Analog TV and video capture.

The EyeTV 250 Plus which continues to meet the needs of those wanting both a Hybrid TV tuner and video converter for Mac with built-in Analog hardware compression. It's still a top-notch solution years after it's original release.

Of notable interest to Digital Cable and Satellite TV subscribers who whant to tie in TV scheduling and recording to their Mac-- a long awaited solution to intercept and record true 1080 HD signal from their DVR receiver with the EyeTV HD DVR with IR Blaster controller. It also includes all cables needed for Component, Compsite or S-Video hookups.

Combined with endless refinements to EyeTV 3 PVR software for OSX to capture, record, export and share your content -- ElGato keeps pushing ways to share and show it across your home network and on your iPhone or iPad. Insanely Great products, Insanely Great software. 'Nuff said.